3 gifts you shouldn't give in 2016

There some gifts that you shouldn't give anymore since it's 2016. These items made the list because we are no longer in the Stone Age and there are cool things you can give to show that you care. Here's the list:

1. Food gifts you didn't want

Your sister knows you hated the fruit cake you gave her from someone else. Which you received from your neighbor who has been holding onto it since 2015. Gross. Don't be that person whether it's with fruit cake or a gigantic tin of variety popcorn.

2. Souvenirs from your travels

It probably wasn't that hard to think of giving your "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" t-shirt to your little cousin. Or how about that mug you bought from the Yellowstone gift shop? People know when you didn't take much time to pick out their Christmas gift.

3. Deodorant

What are you trying to tell the person you're giving deodorant to? Think about this one. Especially if you're giving deodorant to a significant other or even your boss.

What's the least thoughtful Christmas gift you've received?

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