3 goals you need to set for this New Year

With the New Year just around the corner, it's a time to evaluate both the progress and shortcomings you've experienced this past year. It's also a time to set new goals to help you improve your life:

1. Put your smartphone to work for you: Your smartphone can own you or you can own your smartphone. Use apps that will help you improve your productivity and time management. Whether it's actually listening to the alarms you set on your phone or using your phone to catch up on emails while on the train, put your smartphone to work for you. One way to take ownership of your phone is limit your game playing time to 30 minutes a day if you don't already do so.

2. Invest in your physical health: Thanks to the availability of apps for Apple and Android devices, you can find apps that will help you take control of your physical health. You can do everything from track your calorie intake to planning a detailed powerlifting workout. Make it a goal to exercise 30 minutes everyday with the help of a smartphone fitness app if you don't already do so.

3. Manage your cash: It's impressive how some people still fly blind in regards to their finances despite owning a smartphone. Most banks have their own money management apps. Download your bank's smartphone. There are also a great selection of apps to help you track your spending. Before buying anything, make it a habit to check your bank account.

What are the goals that you've already chosen to pursue this upcoming year?

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