3 ways to keep your shower clean

It's difficult to enjoy your shower at home if it's dirty and smells musky. Here are three ways to keep your shower clean and enjoy the daily task of watching Netflix thanks to your Shower Case while getting clean:

1. Open your shower curtain on both ends: Part of the struggle of keeping your shower clean is making sure that it's able to air out. Push your shower curtain towards the center of the shower rod. By leaving a couple feet of space on either side of the shower curtain, water will be able to drain properly from the shower curtain and allow air to flow through the shower. Regular air flow will help prevent shower mold and mildew.

2. Scrub the shower tiles: This part of keeping your shower clean is essential and takes a bit of time but don't skip it. Scrub the shower tiles thoroughly at least once a week. Regularly cleaning the shower tiles will help prevent bacteria from growing and mold from taking over.

3. Clean the shower drain: Every two to three weeks, clean your shower drain with this natural homemade drain cleaner recipe. This recipe will help you avoid disgusting odors that accompany clogged shower drain. After using the natural homemade drain cleaner recipe, run a plastic hair removal snake through your shower drain to remove any hair in the drain.

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