5 cooking apps that'll make your life way easier

Cooking doesn't have to be difficult thanks to the availability of knowledge. Here are five cooking apps that'll make your life way easier:

  1. Yummly: Available for Apple and Android, Yummly provides personalized recommendations to help you get the cooking results you ned. Yummly also has Instacart as part of the app to get the ingredients you need within the hour of ordering them.
  2. Cookpad: Cookpad is place where you can get recipes from other home chefs like yourself. It's place you can search for and save your favorite recipes. You can also publish photos and recipes you've created and enjoy.
  3. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner: This app is designed with the cooking community in mind. After all, its recipes have been vetted by more than 30 million people cook regularly. Allrecipes app users can create shopping lists and even filter search results.
  4. SideChef: This intuitive cooking app takes you step-by-step through the cooking process. It's perfect for first timers and has more than 2,500 recipes that you can enjoy. You can even make a list within the app and email it to yourself to cook up later.
  5. Weber's On the Grill: It doesn't have to be summer for you to put your grill to work for you. Weber's On the Grill provides 250 different recipes for you to put together a tasty meal composed of your favorite grilled items.

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