5 hacks that'll help you take full advantage of the summer

The sun is out longer than usual and summer is in full swing. Chances are you're going to want to take full advantage of the summer months. Here are five hacks that will help you take full advantage of the summer:

  1. Maintain/improve your health: Your health is your ticket to enjoying all of the perks of summer. If you're not healthy, you can't enjoy what is in front of you and you won't the energy you need hike, swim, explore and do what ever else you do to have fun in the warmth of the sun. Eat as healthy as you can and frequently drink water.
  2. Buy a National Parks pass: This hack is a great way to take advantage of the natural beauty in the USA. The annual National Parks pass allows you to visit any national park as many times as you want to. There are more than 2,000 federal recreational areas you can visit and even camp in if camp sites are available such as Yellowstone and Joshua Tree National Park.
  3. Schedule fun: Whether you're a 9-5 employee or a serial entrepreneur, make time for fun! Even if it means blocking off 15-30 minutes everyday, schedule time to go for walk or a swim. You're ultimately in control of your life. 
  4. Put together a rocking playlist: Music makes everything more fun. Put together a rocking playlist of your favorite songs that makes you move your feet. A great place to start if you don't know who to add to your playlist is by checking out the Billboard Top 100.
  5. Spend time with family and friends: Great company always enhances an experience. Go to the local farmers market with your sister. Take a date to the annual county rodeo. Go camping with your college buddies who are in town. Organize a BBQ with your immediate family. Spending time with family and friends will improve your overall quality of life and strengthen key relationships.

How do you take full advantage of the summer season? Share with us in the comments below!

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