5 reasons to be grateful for your smartphone

Smartphones haven't always been around. That being said, here are five reasons to be grateful for your smartphone:

1. No landlines

Remember the days of having to use the landline phone to call your childhood crush? That was quite sometime ago. Thanks to satellite technology, as long as there is coverage in the area you're in, you can call mom or your significant other when you need to chat about your day.

2. Take care of business

You don't have to sit down at a laptop or desktop computer to respond to emails thanks to apps like Gmail on your iPhone or Android. You also can manage your bank accounts whether you bank with Chase or Wells Fargo thanks to their respective apps.

3. Listen to music

One of the best things about having a smartphone with is you also get to carry your music collection with you in your pocket. It's not a bad gig considering that music always makes commutes to work and beastly workouts more enjoyable.

4. Watch cool videos

Netflix? YouTube? It doesn't matter where you need to get your binge on, smartphones can make it happen. Don't ever miss a cute puppy video again.

5. Play games

Smartphone games now have improved even more since the first mobile games were released. Better graphics is something not to be taken for granted. Whether you prefer puzzle games or strategy games, game on!

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