6 productivity apps that will help you achieve more (Part 1)

Everyone hoping to make 2017 a better year than 2016 will most likely be trying to find ways to be more productive. Here are the first three productivity apps in this two part series with the goal of helping you achieve more:

Slack: Designed with the focus on consolidating communication and making it easier to work with your team, Slack gives teams the opportunity to create channels for specific projects, groups etc. Slack eliminates the need for unnecessary emails and multiple windows open on your computer by keeping all of your notifications within Slack itself.

Hi Future Self: There's a good chance you have more than three alarms to help you do everything from wake up on time to helping you remember to do the dishes. Hi Future Self makes setting reminders as easy as texting.

Trello: Are you working with various people on multiple projects with different deadlines? Trello gives you the power to create boards, cards and lists to organize projects according to priority while making it fun to accomplish your team's goals.

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