6 productivity apps to help you achieve more (Part 2)

2017 can be your most productive year yet. We've compiled three productivity apps in this list that will help exceed your own expectations.

If you haven't read part 1 of this series, here's the link. Here's part 2 of the two part series focused on helping you achieve more in 2017:

Expensify: This app makes it easy to track expenses in realtime. It's never been easier to scan your business receipts and collect all of the information you need to compile your spending reports. Expensify also makes it easy for reimbursements and syncs changes made in your accounting system.

1Password: A security option that works for both families and business teams, 1Password saves you time when logging into different websites and computer programs. You only need to know one password to access what you need and get down to business. Businesses can choose who access to their critical information. Households can protect credit card information and other important data while receiving access to email support.

Free Time 2: Have you ever wondered when you're available to do thing you want to like grab ice cream with a friend or go for a bike ride? Free Time works with your real-time calendar and tells you when you have free time. You can also share when you're available with friends and family.

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