Five fun ways to focus on others this holiday season

It's easy to focus on what we don't have and what we want during the holiday season. Chances are, you'll find greater satisfaction this holiday season by focusing on others. Here are five fun ways to focus on others:

Run a 5k for a cause*

Improving your health while supporting a great cause such as cancer research is a fun way to focus on others. Research a 5k near you and bring a friend with you on the run. If the only thing holding you back from running a 5k is not knowing how to train for a 5k, here are some helpful tips.

Go caroling*

Gather three to five of your closest friends/family members and sing Christmas songs to your neighbors. A few classic Christmas songs to pick from include Jingle Bells and Silent Night. If a member in your group can play the guitar or ukulele, have them bring their instrument along to add more to your caroling experience.

Pay for someone's groceries*

Depending on how much you are willing to spend and what your financial resources are, you can pay for someone else's groceries. The easiest to do it is stand behind someone who may be struggling financially in line at the checkout. As soon as the cashier rings up the total cost of groceries, offer to pay for the individual's groceries. Chances are, the person will be a bit surprise but will say yes.

Ding-dong ditch cookies*

Make cookies and ding-dong ditch the cookies at the doorstep of someone in your neighborhood. If you can't get out of sight of your neighbors immediately after ringing the doorbell, you fail. It's a fun way to brighten the day of your neighbor and get a quick sprint in.

Volunteer at an animal shelter*

Puppies and kittens? Volunteering at an animal shelter doesn't need to be limited to just dogs and cats. If you prefer horses, try to find a horse shelter in your area that you can volunteer at. 

*We recommend doing all of the above with at least one other friend.

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