FOMO - Shower Case helps eliminate that fear

Fear of missing out a.k.a. FOMO is a real issue. You have to know what's going on on Instagram and you need to receive all of your Facebook updates. You can't miss the phone calls when you're in the pool and you have to get that nasty spider in the tub on your Snapchat story.

Thanks to the Shower Case, regardless of what smartphone you have, you can take your smartphone into the shower or pool. You'll never have to stop watching your Netflix show or miss a phone call because you're applying conditioner to your hair.

The protective design of the Shower Case does not sacrifice the touch screen capabilities of your phone whether you have an Android or an iPhone. The waterproof Shower Case also allows for sound to come through so you can keep listening to your workout playlist as you jump in the shower. We know the struggle is real so we made it possible for you to not miss a beat (and make it possible to continue watching Grey's Anatomy for the fourth time).

Always stay connected with the Shower Case

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