Places you can take your smartphone thanks to the Shower Case

First world problems are the real ish like having to pause your Netflix show because you need to take a shower or are jumping in the pool. The waterproof Shower Case eliminates those worries allowing you to take your smartphone to places it has never been before. Here are four places you can take your smartphone thanks to the Shower Case:

1. Shower- Living up to its name, you can take your smartphone into the shower thanks to the Shower Case. Think about those annoying, long conference calls when you're on mute but still need to take a shower before driving to the office. Now you can take a shower while listening on on today's sales call!

2. Swimming pool- Haven't you always wanted to bring your phone into the pool to take epic selfies and listen to your summer playlist? With the Shower Case, you still have use of your phone's front camera for those sweet selfies to make your friends jealous. You can also use the Shower Case to continue listening to your Apple music playlist or Spotify playlist and jamming out to the Chainsmokers and T-Swift.

3. Lake- Did you know you can even take your smartphone out into nature now? Bring your Shower Case with you to FaceTime or Skype your mom when you reach the crystal-clear lake at the end of the hiking trail. The good thing is that your Shower Case floats so you don't have to worry about losing your phone at the bottom of the lake.

4. Beach- Thanks to Shower Case's airtight design, you won't have to worry about sand getting to your phone. You can prop up your smartphone in your Shower Case in the sand to watch cat videos on YouTube. You also won't have to worry about your smartphone breaking if it falls on the rocks thanks to the protective shell of the Shower Case.

Always stay connected with the Shower Case.


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