5 fun iPhone games that'll get you thinking

Regardless of what your teachers say, playing games on your iPhone doesn't have to be brainless. Here are five fun iPhone games that'll get you thinking and will take some brain power on your part:


If you grew up playing Tetris, this is the game for you. If you didn't grow up playing Tetris, this game is still for you. 1010! is a fun game that keeps moving. You move blocks to clear up space and accumulate points. The game never ends and it'll go till you run out of run.

Angry Birds 2

Believe it or not, Angry Birds 2 is not a brainless game. Sending colorful birds through the air takes strategy and a basic understanding of physics. This version of Angry Birds comes with different features such as the ability to challenge other players as well as new multi-stage levels.

Words with Friends

This fun social crossword app challenges your creativity and knowledge of the English language. Words with Friends will give you the opportunity to matchup against friends and family and test your brain power.

Trivia Crack

Like Words with Friends, Trivia Crack is a social game that'll pit your knowledge against friends and family. You'll be tested on different subjects from science to history. Its colorful design will keep you focused on beating your friends and family on Trivia Crack.

Can You Escape

Your goal is to break out of rooms and solve puzzles to win the game. This free app has clear graphics and is a good fit if you want a good challenge but don't want to play with other people.

What are your favorite iPhone games?

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